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BACK ATTACK Motivation Workout | VLOGMAS DAY 13

BACK ATTACK Motivation Workout | VLOGMAS DAY 13

BACK WORKOUT with a sneak peak of the cookies I am making for tomorrow's VLOGMAS episode! :D

Gratitude: The One Tool You Need To Resist Anything Without Feeling Deprived

You may be able to keep up deprivation through sheer willpower for weeks, months or even years at a time, but at some point losing control is inevitable. Feelings of deprivation are simply not part of a sustainable fat loss system.

So… the question is, how do we fix this? Obviously we can’t just eat whatever we want to eliminate deprivation – that doesn’t work for fat loss. Likewise, simply using willpower to avoid eating anything “bad” doesn’t work either because the deprivation created by this method inevitably results in a rebound.

What we need is a solution that eliminates deprivation WHILE still allowing fat loss.

The solution is gratitude.

ASF2015: DLB's Prejudging, meeting DLB & Arnold...& my pull-up challenge FAIL

ASF2015: DLB's Prejudging, meeting DLB & Arnold...& my pull-up challenge FAIL

SUMMARY of our weekend away in Columbus, Ohio for the 2015 Arnold Sports Festival!
Got to see Dana Linn Bailey at prejudging ...briefly :(...then met Rob & Dana later on!
I got to shake Arnold's hand !!!!!!!!!!!! :O
I failed at a pull-up challenge...
I randomly did cardio...

Pull Day

Pull Day


Pull-ups (strict and modified with rings), bent-over barbell rows, face-pulls and inverted rows with the rings & dog curls :P (if you watched to the very end of the video).

I usually do 3-5 sets around the 10-12 rep range - I love doing voluminous back sessions!

Are You Doing What it Takes to Stay Motivated?: 5 Mistakes That Are Killing Your Motivation for Fat Loss

We’ve all had some goal that we’ve set repeatedly and just can’t seem to stick to. We start out as motivated as we’ve ever been, but before we know it we’ve fallen back into old habits and just can’t seem to work up the energy to keep going. 

What happened? Where did that seemingly endless motivation go? What can we do to avoid this loss of motivation?

In this post we will share 5 mistakes that we’ve come across in our own life that may be preventing you from reaching your fat loss goals.