At Live For Today Fitness we truly care about YOU.


Coaching that goes above and beyond the packages we sell

Individual programming and coaching that is suited uniquely to your goals and your needs

Improve in all areas of your life, not just the areas you're paying for


We care about our clients...A LOT!

It's never seemed like something exceptional to us, but time and time again people tell us how much they love that we give such a personal caring experience. Perhaps it just comes natural, but whatever the reason, we are absolutely committed to giving you the best possible client experience!

What Our Clients are Saying...

"You guys really made everything stick. Put it in terms easy to understand for someone new to physical fitness."

"Extremely informative. Professional and fun."

"Your coaching was more than I expected. It brought a new understanding of weight loss and maintenance."

"I stopped snoring, I have more energy! I am able to manage stress a lot easier."

"I have referred you to many friends because you make everything so easy!"

- Lee H. (Lost 50+lbs total)

"Rachel is a great coach. She listens to what I like/don't like, goals, and obstacles and has been able to consistently provide good feedback or suggestions."

"The strategies given throughout coaching have made sticking to the program easy, and has actually been the easiest plan I've ever worked with. Maintaining weekly goals and daily journaling have really helped and have been a great reminder to stick to my goals."

"In the past I had a tendency to binge on the weekends after eating super clean all week. I have been able to learn how to incorporate small treats each day change my mindset to be grateful when I do get to indulge which has stopped the weekend binging."

- Jen R. (Lost ~10lbs in 8 Weeks)


"Words cannot describe the difference in how I feel in just over two months of training with Derek. I truly am a new person, both inside and out. My mindset has been completely changed when it comes to food intake and diet. I now live a lifestyle of healthy eating, rather than claiming to be on any diet."

"Derek's understanding of where a person is at fitness-wise is uncanny. All the goals I want to accomplish he listens to, and develops a plan that works for me. Attention to detail is the strongest quality I can take from the coaching I receive. I always know the proper form to practice in an exercise, because I am constantly being taught how it's done."

"I've gained a new lease on life, and a quiet confidence in myself that I've never learned to enjoy before."

- Taylor S. (Lost 40+lbs in 12 weeks and still going strong!)

"Live For Today Fitness' coaching services were extremely personal and based on the individual's needs. You guys were also very fun and friendly and made the experience positive each time defeat started to sink in!"

"It was much more personal than I ever expected or ever experienced in the past."

"You guys are extremely helpful and supportive. I always felt like I had someone to talk to or ask questions. I would also say that your approach with simplifying the fat loss process is the most unique thing about your services. It is hard to find elsewhere and it was extremely helpful for me to see just how simple the process can be made."

- Ellie M. (Lost ~5lbs in 8 weeks)



"I love the "global" aspect of the program. It is certainly very specifically catered to me, looking at all aspects of my daily routine, from sleep to stress to eating and exercise habits. I like how everything is addressed, so as to help ensure results will occur."

"It wasn't what I expected, it was better. It's been nice to have someone encourage me in the process, especially that my life is a little hectic in general, so I'm not able to fully address all aspects, but at least you guys can see that and are not making me feel bad for it. If anything, your encouragement is allowing me to continue within the confines of my daily routine right now, I don't feel like giving up."

"I've gained a better appreciation for how it's not only about diet and exercise, it's about a total lifestyle approach."

"I think you are both very thorough. I like how when we check in, you obviously have my info in front of you and have helpful suggestions when I've got some barriers to meet my goals. I like that you both are "nonjudgemental" and keep an open mind as to how my journey is going."

- Unnamed Client


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