Be Your Own Coach Online V1.0

In a few words...

Be Your Own Coach Online is your one-stop solution to getting on the road towards solving your fitness struggles for life.

This digital online course will provide you with the tools and strategies to increase motivation, reduce difficulty of adherence and help you to create lifelong sustainable results.

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Why we created this course...

Our goal is to make sustainable fitness a reality for everyone. This course is a big part of how we plan to do it. 

We've gotten great feedback from everyone who we've coached, (see our testimonials page) but it still seemed like we weren't really able to pass along all of the information we wanted to share. 

We've learned so much in our own journey, but with 1-on-1 coaching, all we can share is the information that is directly applicable to you at the time. There simply isn't room for a full "education-style" teaching within the existing coaching system.

We had to come up with something else.

With this course, you will be educated on all areas of fitness, nutrition and lifestyle. Regardless of what challenges you run into, you will have the right mindset, tools and strategies to tackle them head on. It is our mission to give you the resilience and anti-fragility that no matter how many set-backs you face in life, you will still keep pressing forward towards your goal.

In fact, we think this course is so essential to sustainable results that when we released it, we actually gave it to all of our existing clients for free!

My favorite themes of Derek and Rachel’s is that they never fail to provide the key tools for balance and sustainability. I’ve learned to produce this in my own life from the BYOC course and I’m now 7 weeks into a diet plan and several clothing sizes down. I feel rested and happy and in no way deprived being that I am fulfilling the necessary balance in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle for the long term!
— Samantha Kowalski

We'll teach you how to do it…

Rather than just telling you WHAT to do and leaving you to fail when you go off on your own, we’ll show you HOW to set up your own plan, so that you can maintain your own fitness for the rest of your life. 

Essentially, we're giving you the tools and blueprint to create the exact same program that we would create for you. Not only that, we're giving you access to the information and teaching you how to apply it to yourself.

We've taken everything we've learned in our own journeys and through working with clients and compiled it into one complete "how to" course. 

Everything you need to start your sustainable fitness journey...

This course will cover every area of fitness, nutrition and lifestyle that we cover in our one-on-one coaching. 

You'll learn...

  • How to create your own programs
  • How to evaluate your progress and understand why the scale isn't always your friend
  • How to adjust your training and diet and troubleshoot other areas of your life that are getting in the way
  • How to create habits based on your unique personality and tendencies
  • How to maximize willpower by improving sleep & stress management
  • How to optimize your mindset to become a resilient, motivated and determined fitness machine!
  • Strategies and Techniques for ease of adherence
  • Flexible solutions for social meals

You'll get...

  • Access to All 8 Be Your Own Coach Online modules & worksheets
  • 2, 4 or 8 Individual 1-on-1 Coaching sessions over Skype ($80-$394 Value)
  • Sleep 101 Guide ebook
  • Stress Management tips
  • Prioritizing and Setting Your Goals Worksheet
  • Daily Prioritization Journal
  • The Stoics Journal
  • The Food Gratitude Journal
  • Daily Intention Setting and Visualization Journal
  • Intuitive Eating Guide
  • Intuitive Meal Plan Template and Planner
  • Macronutrient Counting Guide
  • Basic Movement Pattern Cues and Instructions
  • General Form and Safety Instructions
  • Private BYOC Facebook group
  • Lifetime 10% discount code for you and your family/friends
  • Lifetime access to the LFT Fitness private members page
  • Access to BYOC V2.0 when it is released!! ($397 Value)

People need to know that it is not just exercise that will get you there, it’s not just diet that will get you there and it is not just getting a good sleep that will get you there. I’ve always just exercised and then ate what I wanted, but never getting the results I truly wanted. This course reminded/taught me that all 5 areas are essential and it has been awesome to see myself implement little changes each week.
— Merilee S.

Course Structure

Module 1: Introduction, Progress Tracking, Goal Setting & Prioritization
Module 2: Nutrition for Fat Loss & Discussion of All Possible Plans (Intuitive, clean eating, paleo, IIFYM, Low carb, etc.)
Module 3: Training, Mobility & Stretching
Module 4: Sleep, Stress & Time Management
Module 5: Fixing Mindset for Sustainable Fat Loss
Module 6: Habit Change & Getting to Know Yourself
Module 7: Evaluating and Interpreting Health and Fitness News, Articles & Research (How to know who to trust)
Module 8: Course Review & Creating a Triage of Priorities

All course modules will be available from the BYOC Online Members Only Page.

**Every module will have interactive worksheets, homework (minimal time investment) and follow up emails.

If you want to get in shape WITHOUT sacrificing enjoyment of your life, this course is for you!

Be Your Own Coach Online Packages & Pricing


  • (50 Spots Available)
  • $97 USD

  • BYOC Course Membership
  • Tutorial Guides & Checklist
  • Lifetime 10% LFT Fitness Discount
  • Private BYOC Facebook Group
  • 1-on-1 Skype Consultations (2 Total)
  • And more...


  • (Only 12 Spots Available)
  • $197 USD

  • All Features of Basic Package
  • Plus:
  • 1-on-1 Skype Consultations (4 total)
  • Individualized Triage of Priorities
  • Specific Reading Recommendations
  • Live Email Support
  • And more...


  • (Only 8 Spots Available)
  • $397 USD

  • All Features of Premium Package
  • Plus:
  • Kick-off Consultation
  • 1-on-1 Skype Consultations (8 total)
  • Training, Nutrition & Lifestyle Plan
  • Monthly Plan Updates (2 total)
  • And more...


After completing the BYOC course, I feel that my mindset is different than it was before. I’ve bought into many fitness programs before and once I stopped or finished, I just seemed to go back to the way I was living before. Being healthy is more than just eating and exercise - and now I feel like I have a more well-rounded approach.
— Becky S.

If you're still not sure and you'd like to talk it over, we have a limited number of "no pressure" free consultations available to meet and discuss which option is best for you!

The "No Pressure" Free Consultation

Our reputation is BUILT on you. We will not up-sell UNLESS it makes sense for you, both financially and for your goals. We do NOT want to make you uncomfortable, so WE WILL NOT (!!) PRESSURE YOU to buy something. Change only happens when you are ready to make it happen, so we do not want you to start until you tell us you are ready. Pressure sales do not accomplish anything for us.

Let's say we get on the call and it just doesn't make sense for you. Worst case, you've spent 20 minutes of your time and had a chance to ask us those burning fitness questions that you've been dying to know the answer to. Not only that, if we somehow do convince you to buy our course when you really didn't want it (let's say we accidentally turn into really good sales people) - You still have 30 days to return it. If we haven't started designing a program for you (Exclusive Package), the only question we'll ask is why you decided to back out.

110%  Money-Back Guarantee on All Services

Our Promise to You

We are so sure that you'll be satisfied that we offer a 110%  money-back guarantee. If you're not satisfied, we'll return your investment... PLUS an additional 10% for your trouble!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Should Avoid This Program?

  • If you are looking for a one-size fits all cookie cutter program
  • If you want a quick fix and don't care about the long term results
  • If you don't have a desire to improve or make changes that last for the rest of your life
  • If you'd like to spend the next two year researching and figuring everything out for yourself

Who is this Program For?

  • Anyone with difficulty adhering
  • Anyone who would like to avoid rebound weight gain
  • Anyone struggling with an unbalanced life
  • Anyone prone to getting distracted from goal
  • Anyone who wants fat loss without cardio
  • Anyone sick of cookie cutter programs that don’t work
  • Anyone who wants something simple, sustainable and easy to stick to

What Questions Are Answered in This Course?

  • Why there is no such thing as one perfect diet for everyone
  • How to figure out how many calories you need to eat
  • The difference between eating for health and eating for fat loss
  • How sleep and stress impact your fat loss efforts
  • How your mindset plays a big role in your ability to achieve & maintain fat loss and how to fix it
  • When you should count calories and when you shouldn’t
  • What’s the best form of exercise for fat loss?
  • How does your personality and disposition affect which approach is best for you?
  • How do you stay motivated long-term?
  • Why does what worked for him/her not work for me?
  • How to achieve fat loss while still eating your favourite “junk food” every day
  • How to stop overeating at night and on the weekend
  • How to get MORE enjoyment out of LESS food
  • Which foods make you more hungry and which foods keep you satisfied
  • How to reduce hunger, increase energy and decrease cravings
  • How to make it easier to stick to your diet
  • Why does my weight fluctuate so much?
  • How to know who to trust and why you can trust them
  • And much more!

Click the button below to add your own question you'd like us to answer during the course!

About Live For Today Fitness

At Live For Today Fitness we do things a little differently. We don't believe in sacrificing your time and social life doing hours of cardio, meticulously counting calories or even depriving yourself of delicious food if you don't need to. Our goal is to make adherence to your program as easy as possible and to teach you sustainable systems that allow you to independently maintain your results, even when other life priorities take over.

Read More About Us

What Makes Us Different?...

If you've read any of our blog posts, or talked to any of our clients, you'll know that sleep, stress and mindset are three of the keys to success that we really focus in on. They are such huge barriers for so many people in their quest for health and fitness.

Of course, we'll also discuss nutrition and exercise, those can't be forgotten, but sleep, stress and mindset are often not considered.


How's your energy level through the day? Do you find you have difficulty getting to sleep or maybe even difficulty convincing yourself to go to sleep when you know you should? Do you ever wish you could just sleep better so you'd have the energy to keep up with your diet and exercise?

Surprisingly this isn't just because you're the kind of person who makes poor choices. (We'll get back to that in a minute!) In fact, the reason you have difficulty getting yourself to go to bed on time may just be because you are doing things that limit your natural ability to get tired. When we meet with you we'll discuss your 'sleep hygiene' habits and identify areas that you can improve to get a better sleep every night!

Sleep is so critical to everything related to health and fat loss. Getting a good night's sleep increases your energy level, boosts your willpower and self-control and reduces cravings for high calorie 'junk foods.' - Rather than just focusing on quantity, we're big believers in maximizing quality of sleep as well. I would much prefer that a client of mine got 6 hours of high quality sleep rather than 8-10 hours of low quality sleep. As part of each coaching package you get our Sleep 101 guide and personal coaching on which strategies will be best for you.


Similar to sleep, stress also plays a big part in your ability to make good choices through the day. If you don't take care of your stress levels, before you know it you'll find yourself at home, elbow deep in a bag of chips and wondering why you can never stick to a plan. As much as part of it may be related to your base level of willpower, it certainly doesn't help when you're draining that will power all day by being under constant stress.

We'll work with you to identify stressors, find ways to relieve stress and avoid adding too many dietary and exercise stressors - in the case of excess stress, too much exercise can actually be a bad thing!


Now, back to the mindset... I mentioned early that you may think you are just the 'kind of person' who makes bad choices. Whether or not you have this specific belief about yourself, there are many beliefs that people hold that limit their potential. This is one example and false self-beliefs are a major cause of struggle when it comes to sticking to any plan longterm.

When we coach you we'll work with you to identify these limiting beliefs and correct them. How you think about yourself, how you think about your health and how you think about your food are all deeply intertwined with how you will react to the struggles and difficulties that will inevitably come along the way as you try to work towards your goal.

It is virtually impossible to be successful over the long haul without addressing false beliefs about yourself, your fitness and your abilities.

There is much more that we'll address in the course on these subjects and many others, but for the sake of conciseness on this page, we'll stick with those three for now.