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Pull Day


Pull-ups (strict and modified with rings), bent-over barbell rows, face-pulls and inverted rows with the rings & dog curls :P (if you watched to the very end of the video).

I usually do 3-5 sets around the 10-12 rep range - I love doing voluminous back sessions!

From Derek:

As I said last week, the split Rach is doing right now is designed specifically for glute and lower body growth and has Rach doing 3-4 workouts per week targeting the glutes and lower body and 2-3 workouts for upper body.
This workout is one of her two upper body days this week. For upper body, the goal of the workout is just to maintain her strength and promote some fat burning stimulus via the intra-workout and 24-48 hour post-workout caloric burn that is provided by weight training.
Rach loves circuit style superset training and has more than enough knowledge to create her own program so I left it up to her to design the upper body workouts herself.

The song in the video is 'Phoenix Flame' by The Ghost Inside.

I will be continuing to film my workouts as requested by you guys! A new video will be posted every Monday. Next week will be my 'Push Day'. 

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to e-mail me at

- Ray