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The Art of Letting Little Bad Things Happen: Get the Big Things Done and Take it Easy on the Rest

Hey Everyone, Derek here.

Unfortunately this week I don't have a whole lot to post. I started a post on how to critically analyze research studies, but quickly realized that to do the post justice I will have to put some serious time into organizing it. There is simply a LOT of components to cover. 

At first I felt bad about this, like I was letting myself, our business and anyone who reads our blog down. Then I remembered this post by Tim Ferriss. It's titled The Art of Letting Bad Things Happen.

In it, Tim reminds his readers that sometimes it's ok to let little bad things happen. You don't always have to be perfect. Sometimes you just have to let the little things go wrong so that you can take care of the big things. As long as those big things are taken care of, who cares if you screw up a little thing?

Prioritization: When Life Gets in the Way… Where to Give In and How to Minimize the Damage

Sometimes, life just gets crazy. Between a dinner with friends on Saturday, helping family with some moving preparations on Sunday, and an Australia day party for Rach’s sister on Monday, we had a busy weekend for social events. On top of that we’re creating programs for our first two coaching clients this week, preparing documents for what could be a very good business opportunity and attempting to continue maintaining performance at our full time jobs.

Then, this weekend we’re helping my parents AND my brother move and Rach is working both days. There just seems to be no relief. That doesn’t even bring mention of fitting in our workouts and keeping our nutrition on track.

Needless to say, something has to give.

I’m sure everyone out there has had similar weeks. The question is, how do we prioritize around this?