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How to Defeat Holiday Weight Gain (While Still Enjoying Pumpkin Pie!)

How to Defeat Holiday Weight Gain (While Still Enjoying Pumpkin Pie!)

For us Canadians, this weekend is Thanksgiving. (Sorry American's you'll have to wait a month to get your piece of pumpkin and apple pie!) 

With thanksgiving comes many things. Cooler weather, the changing of leaves, time with family & friends, hockey (or football) and of course food. 

Delicious, enticing, calorie-rich food.

...and lest we forget, with that food comes one less welcome addition: That extra 5lbs of holiday weight.


Now if it was just about avoiding gaining weight it would be easy. 

You'd just stop eating when you got full, skip out on dessert and drinks and workout the way you normally do. Easy peasy.

The problem is that most of us are not ready to sacrifice the enjoyment that comes with thanksgiving dinner. It holds a special place for us sentimentally, and to be honest it's just nice to have nice feast once in a while!

So with that as our context, we have a problem to solve:

"How can you avoid gaining weight during the holidays when there is abundance of delicious, tasty food, and more importantly, how can we do it without hating our life and missing out on the enjoyment of our beloved thanksgiving feast with friends or family?"