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caloric deficit

4 Specific Strategies To Keep Caloric Intake In Check

To follow up on our previous post (The 4 Keys to Achieving and Maintaining Fat Loss) this post will cover 4 specific strategies that can be used to keep caloric intake under control with all of the different challenges life throws at us.

Although fat loss is not JUST about calories (see our previous blog post here), creating a caloric deficit is the first area we target when trying to set up a plan specifically for fat loss. The two main ways this can be achieved are by increasing activity or by decreasing food intake. 

Below are 4 strategies that make it much easier to maintain a caloric deficit or caloric maintenance regardless of what life throws at you and without depending on meticulously counting calories or doing hours of cardio. (Neither of which are sustainable long term.)

The 4 Keys to Achieving and Maintaining Fat Loss

It’s a confusing world out there on the internet and the fitness and nutrition scene really is like the Wild West. There is just so much to sort through. For virtually any opinion out there, someone is saying the opposite. What's really required for fat loss? Is it all about calories? Or is it just about eating the right foods and managing your hormones? Who's right? Is either of them right? Are both of them right?

In this post we will address what we have come to believe are the 4 key factors that lead to fat loss and maintaining that fat loss.