Module 1

Q: How often should we take measurements?

A: Measurements should be taken once per month. You can check more frequently (i.e. once per week) if you'd like, but there isn't any real benefit to checking more often unless you have something you will change as a result of seeing the measurements. 

Q: Just a quick question about drinking important is it to drink 2 cups when you wake up, and 2 cups at every meal? Is it ok if i drink throughout the day instead (i normally don't drink water as soon as i wake up but i will if that is important)?

A: Drinking water when you wake up is good to get hydrated after sleeping 8 hours (and it often helps people who have issues with constipation), but the timing is more to make it easy to remember. If you normally drink lots of water and you don't have issues with constipation, the timing really doesn't matter too much. Do what works for you!

A General Comment from LFT Fitness: No Rules are Absolute!

We didn't mention this on the first video in as much detail as we would have liked to, but as a general rule, nothing we say is absolute. There are almost always situations where things we recommend do not apply. It's just the way it is with interpersonal individuality - What works for most will not always work for everyone. 

When we say find what works for you, we really mean it!

If we give you something to do and explain why we want you to do it, but it doesn't work for you or the "why" behind it doesn't apply to your unique situation, it probably is not something you should do or something you need to worry about.

For these situations you should absolutely look into it further and you can check with us to see if it makes sense, but there are very few (if any) rigid absolute rules that apply to everyone!

Focus on the principles and end goals that we are working towards rather than the specific techniques. We try to share the best tools that apply to almost everyone, but it's entirely possible that your unique situation may require a different tool or technique that we have not shared yet or one that we have not yet discovered.

Module Two

Q: You mentioned a pic journal for food- what is that exactly? I just write down what I eat every day- am I supposed to send that to you as well? 

A picture journal for food just means taking pictures of the food instead of writing it down. Just a more tech-friendly option, written is fine too though. :)

The main reason for doing it was just to give you some awareness of what you've been eating.

Q: Am I supposed to track measurements (weekly) and submit that to you each week or whenever? 

As for measurements, you can track those bi-weekly or monthly. We didn't ask anyone to submit them, but now that I think about it, that would probably be a good idea.

Q: Do you have any suggestions for drinks other than water tea and coffee? I feel like I want something else but don't want to drink juices or iced tea... I bought some of the stevia flavoured cola for a treat.

The stevia soda pops (Zevia) are a great replacement for regular soda pop, as long as you tolerate stevia and erythritol ok. They tend to be a bit expensive, but if that's not an issue they're great for an occasional treat.

You can also get PC brand (in Canada) or Nestle flavoured carbonated waters that don't have anything added to them except flavouring.  (they're also MUCH cheaper than Zevia.)

Lastly, you can buy BCAAs (which are explained here) from a supplement store and use those to flavour your drinks. Again, just be sure that you tolerate the sweetener that they use. (Usually sucralose)