Module 2

Nutrition for Fat Loss


Diet Recommendations From Last Week

  • Drink at least 8 glasses of water (2 upon waking & 2 with each meal) and avoid liquid calories as much as possible.
  • Fill ½ your plate with veggies, ¼ with meat or eggs and 0-1/4 with starch and eat them in that order. (If you’re vegetarian, use legumes in place of the meat and starch – legumes are a hybrid of protein and carbohydrates)
  • Use a smaller plate, eat when hungry and stop at 80% full.

It doesn’t have to be perfect right now, just start making changes and observe where you have difficulty and where you have success. Observe which foods make you just want to eat more and limit those to small portions after dinner.


Module 1 can be found here.

Further Reading

Note: The exact recommendations in some of these links differ slightly from ours (partly due to the age of the articles), but the general information is accurate. Feel free to ask us if you have any questions about the differences.



Diet Plans

***Key Point to Remember: Everyone is biased. Some people are better at limiting their bias than others, but it's just human nature to highlight the benefits of something we like and to ignore some of the faults and vice-versa. In order to get a balanced perspective on something, be sure to read 2-5 articles from the top experts in favour of and against a specific strategy. Try not to let your own personal bias get in the way of your decision too much.  


Below we've linked samples of each kind of plan.

'Control HOW MUCH You Eat' Plans

'Control WHAT You Eat' Plans

Control WHEN You Eat Plans

So as you can see, there is a ton of information to take to understand these plans! 

Our current view is that for fat loss, what and when you eat is more a matter of increasing ease of adherence than it is about physiological benefits in your body. There are also some health benefits to certain practices. 


Note: Keep in mind that we are working towards a sustainable long-term plan. If something isn’t clear right away or needs to be adjusted, it’s not a big deal. Make your best guess and send us an email. Little mistakes are not the end of the world!

Tools & Strategies for Easier Adherence


  1. List 3 things you did well from last week. (Post a photo of your success on social media using #BYOConline)
  2. Pick a nutrition plan to start this week and read up on the plan you choose by clicking the links above.
  3. Create your action-based goal card for this week with 3 goals to help you towards your nutritional plan and tag us #BYOConline.
  4. Ask us any questions you have from this week.
  5. If you don't have a solid understanding of calories and macronutrients, read the articles from Precision Nutrition above.

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