Our Purpose

Everything we do, we believe in (our why)

We do this by (our how)

We just happen to offer (our what)


Everything we do, we believe in (our why) empowering people to 

We do this by (our how) teaching people how to make things as simple and easy to understand as possible

We just happen to offer (our what) - Training, coaching, 

Our Mission

Live For Today Fitness exists to create a world where achieving and maintaining fat loss while still enjoying life is not viewed as confusing, difficult or unrealistic.

Live For Today Fitness exists to empower normal, everyday men and women to overcome frustration, confusion and overwhelm and take control of their health and fitness to achieve sustainable fat loss.

We believe that everyone should be able to get fit without having to put excessive amounts of effort in.

We believe that sustainable fat loss should be accessible to everyone.

We don't believe that anyone should have to spend two hours in the gym and count calories excessively just to achieve fat loss results.

We don't believe in temporary fixes.

Imagine a world where it wasn't necessary to think about what you're eating because it's just automatic.

Imagine a world where no one struggled with their weight. Where every day people could go home after a long day and have a healthy release for their stress and sleep instead of turning to a bag of chips and cookies.

We want a world where no one struggles to maintain their weight. Where everyone has the tools they need to make fat loss sustainable. 

We want a world without contradictory information where people will just admit that more than one thing can work.

Imagine a world where fat loss wasn't confusing. 

Our Mission is to provide you with simple, effective tools and education to achieve and maintain the fitness and fat loss results they desire without sacrificing their quality of life or overall life balance.

We want you to LIVE for today while WORKING for tomorrow.

Our goal is to create a world where sustainable fat loss is a reality for everyone.


Our Skills:

At Live For Today Fitness we are devoted to delivering the highest quality of service and content... because we are about you. With a combination of finely tuned strategies and outside-the-box thinking, we get to the root of your problems and help you to find a solution that works with YOUR life.

With a balance of behind the scenes detail management (Derek) and an approachable and engaging communication style (Rachel), Live For Today Fitness is perfectly equipped to bring you to your goals.

Where Rachel may have difficulty explaining the details, Derek can fill in the gaps with all of the information you need. Likewise, where Derek lacks visible enthusiasm, and Rachel is able to bring the energy level up and fill in nicely.


Who We Are

Live For Today Fitness is a local and online Fitness Lifestyle Coaching & Personal Training company based out of Cambridge, Ontario, Canada. We are a husband and wife team who are passionate about teaching you how to improve your fitness, nutrition, mindset, sleep, stress, habits and overall wellness.

Our goal, in other words, is making your life awesome.

Our Philosophy

Live for Today. Work for Tomorrow.

We don't believe in sacrificing your time and social life doing hours of cardio, meticulously counting calories or even depriving yourself of delicious food if you don't need to. We believe that maintaining balance in your life while working towards your goal is the key to sustainable results. It's about making fitness fit your lifestyle rather than making your lifestyle fit your fitness.

It may take a bit longer to do it this way, but the results will be sustainable over the long-term. If you set your system up correctly, the solution to sustainable results is usually quite effortless. The key is knowing which strategies are required for which goals. 

Our Core Values

Simplicity, Balance, Results. We'll Teach You How.

Simplicity –The minimal effective dose. Our goal is to make adherence to your program as easy as possible. We will show you the simplest, most straightforward path to success. We will equip you with what you need to know to reach your goals and avoid burdening you with the rest of the ‘nice to know’ but not overly important information that does not contribute directly to your results.

Balance – Find your balance. We want you to maintain your results even when other life priorities take over. In order to make this possible, we will work with you to help you find a program that allows you to get results while maintaining a healthy balance between your health, fitness and personal life. If you can find balance while working towards you goals, you’ll have a much easier time maintaining your results later when your focus isn’t strictly on fitness and nutrition.

Results  Sustainable, lasting results. Without results, everything else we stand for means nothing. There are many ‘warm and fuzzy’ programs out there, but if a program does not deliver results it is useless. While we want you to enjoy your life and have balance, there is also a level of effort and commitment required to achieve and maintain body composition goals. We will help you find this level of effort and balance it with the rest of your life to ensure long term lasting results.

Education  We’ll teach you how. When you finish training with us we want you to be equipped to be your own trainer. If you are not educated on what it takes to achieve and maintain your results, those results will never be sustainable. It’s great if a personal trainer or nutrition coach can help you achieve fat loss, but if they do not teach you how to carry it forward into the future you will be helpless the minute you stop training with them.