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So What is Live For Today Fitness Online Fat Loss Coaching?

Our online fat loss coaching services provide you with a cost-effective, time efficient solution to reaching your long term fat loss goals.

From the comfort of your own home, anywhere in the world, we coach you from our office on all aspects of training, nutrition and lifestyle required to help you achieve sustainable fat loss.

Each consultation, we meet over Skype, Google Hangouts or another service and review success and difficulties since the last consultation and work with you to come up with actionable solutions to obstacles you have run into.

Typically we will follow up the consultation with an email outlining resources discussed, actions for this week and a request for 3 personal action based goals from you for this week to get you closer to your goal.

If you haven't had a chance yet, check out the Our Approach page to learn how we'll work with you to attack your fitness goals.

Sustainable Fat Loss Made Easy!


Building your Plan of Attack

With all all online coaching programs you will get: 


Continual monitoring and reassessing of your plan to fully optimize your results and keep you on track.


Gradual use of sleep, stress and mindset strategies and focus on goal setting to optimize your results with as minimal effort required.


Flexible approach to your diet and training preferences for easy adherence, especially around family celebrations, vacations and more.


Our Coaching Program Structure

To enter the Live For Today Fitness 1-on-1 coaching program, we now require completion of our "Be Your Own Coach" program as the on-ramp to our coaching services. 

This ensure that you are 100% educated on our systems and methods and ensures that when we do get to 1-on-1 coaching, (if you even still need it) we can spend ALL of our time with you working on improving your practices instead of having to explain all of the concepts and strategies. (By doing the course first, we also ensure that there's no risk of us neglecting to tell you some strategies that you don't need right now, but may really need 3 years from now.)

We'll spend 8 weeks with you teaching you all of the core principles and habit formation strategies you need to make long term change.

Online Programs Available:

Be Your Own Coach Online

1-on-1 Coaching

Be Your Own Coach Online

Be Your Own Coach. No longer depend on magazines, trainers, bloggers or anyone else to tell you what's right and who to trust. 

In our Be Your Own Coach, we teach you the methods we used to build our own knowledge. 

It's not about telling you what is right and what is wrong, (although we will give our views) it's about helping you learn how to assess and evaluate the information for yourself. 

We'll give you all of the best tools and resources we've come across, but it's still up to you to determine which ones are best for you.

When it comes to making fat loss last, it's absolutely critical that you learn how to do it for yourself!

What's Included?

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Who Should Avoid This Program?


Who is this Program For?'

  • “Will this work for my situation?”
  • “Is this going to be too hard?”
  • “Will I have time for this?
  • “What if I need to return this?”
  • “How can I trust this person?”

What our clients are saying...

"Words cannot describe the difference in how I feel in just over two months of training with Derek. I truly am a new person, both inside and out." - Taylor S. (Lost 30+lbs in 2 months)

"Rachel is a great coach. She listens to what I like/don't like, goals, obstacles and has been able to consistently provide good feedback or suggestions. She is very responsive if I have questions and also gives positive motivation." - Jen R. (Lost ~10lbs in 8 Weeks)

"Live For Today Fitness' coaching services were extremely personal and based on the individual's needs. You guys were also very fun and friendly and made the experience positive each time defeat started to sink in!" - Ellie M. (Lost ~5lbs in 8 weeks)

Be Your Own Coach Packages & Pricing



  • (Only 30 Spots Available)
  • $297 USD
  • 8-Week Course Membership
  • BYOC Tutorial Guides & Checklist
  • 4 Monthly Follow Up Q&A Sessions
  • Lifetime 10% LFT Fitness Discount
  • Private BYOC Facebook Group
  • And more...


  • (Only 12 Spots Available)
  • $597 USD
  • All Features of Basic Package
  • Plus:
  • Weekly Small Group Hangouts
  • 1-on-1 Follow-Up Consultations (x2)
  • And more...


  • (Only 8 Spots Available)
  • $897 USD
  • All Features of Premium Package
  • Plus:
  • Kick-off Consultation
  • Training, Nutrition & Lifestyle Plans
  • Weekly 1-on-1 Coaching
  • Monthly Plan Updates
  • 1-on-1 Follow-Up Consultation (x2)
  • And more...

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What Makes Us Different?...

If you've read any of our blog posts, or talked to any of our clients, you'll know that sleep, stress and mindset are three of the keys to success that we really focus in on. They are such huge barriers for so many people in their quest for health and fitness.

Of course, we'll also discuss nutrition and exercise, those can't be forgotten, but sleep, stress and mindset are often not considered.

How's your energy level through the day? Do you find you have difficulty getting to sleep or maybe even difficulty convincing yourself to go to sleep when you know you should? Do you ever wish you could just sleep better so you'd have the energy to keep up with your diet and exercise?

Surprisingly this isn't just because you're the kind of person who makes poor choices. (We'll get back to that in a minute!) In fact, the reason you have difficulty getting yourself to go to bed on time may just be because you are doing things that limit your natural ability to get tired. When we meet with you we'll discuss your 'sleep hygiene' habits and identify areas that you can improve to get a better sleep every night!

Sleep is so critical to everything related to health and fat loss. Getting a good night's sleep increases your energy level, boosts your willpower and self-control and reduces cravings for high calorie 'junk foods.' - Rather than just focusing on quantity, we're big believers in maximizing quality of sleep as well. I would much prefer that a client of mine got 6 hours of high quality sleep rather than 8-10 hours of low quality sleep. As part of each coaching package you get our Sleep 101 guide and personal coaching on which strategies will be best for you.

Similar to sleep, stress also plays a big part in your ability to make good choices through the day. If you don't take care of your stress levels, before you know it you'll find yourself at home, elbow deep in a bag of chips and wondering why you can never stick to a plan. As much as part of it may be related to your base level of willpower, it certainly doesn't help when you're draining that will power all day by being under constant stress.

We'll work with you to identify stressors, find ways to relieve stress and avoid adding too many dietary and exercise stressors - in the case of excess stress, too much exercise can actually be a bad thing!

Now, back to the mindset... I mentioned early that you may think you are just the 'kind of person' who makes bad choices. Whether or not you have this specific belief about yourself, there are many beliefs that people hold that limit their potential. This is one example and false self-beliefs are a major cause of struggle when it comes to sticking to any plan longterm.

When we coach you we'll work with you to identify these limiting beliefs and correct them. How you think about yourself, how you think about your health and how you think about your food are all deeply intertwined with how you will react to the struggles and difficulties that will inevitably come along the way as you try to work towards your goal.

It is virtually impossible to be successful over the long haul without addressing false beliefs about yourself, your fitness and your abilities.

There is much more that we'll address in your consultations on these subjects and many others, but for the sake of conciseness we'll stick with those three. 

If you'd like to hear more, we'd love to get you on Skype to go over everything face to face.

Or, if you're still not sure, book a free consultation with us to talk it over some more in person!

(As an added bonus, we'll sweeten the pot by giving you a free triage of priorities for what you should focus on to maximize your fat loss results!)